Unfortunately, Gen Xers and Boomers still cling to the belief that a traditional college education is essential for their children.

Not this Gen Xer. I'm trying to push my children into the trades. I've tried to talk my son into Welding, HVAC, and building. But he's got his mind set on the damn NFL.

I would rather send my daughter to art school and foster her love of the arts. For that, i can find college graduates who went through the art and hire them to teach her. I can find people to teach her home economics and cooking.

Kids don't need college degrees anymore and they really haven't needed them since about the 90's. Since then, colleges are just paper mills.

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Great post with some helpful information! My oldest daughter is in high school and, given her interests and aptitude, she will probably want to pursue a career path that will require a college degree. There are certainly many pitfalls for the unwary along the university route, so thanks for sharing your insights!

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I feel like STEM is an underrated mating strategy for women. Just like guys say they want a virgin but won't look in church, women say they want a guy making 6 figures in his 20's but won't go to def con.

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